Presidential Visits

2009-2010 International Inner Wheel President
Anne Fryer’s visit to District 95
Egypt & Jordan, December 14-20, 2009


District 95 welcomed President Anne Fryer to Egypt & Jordan where she visited many of our Projects and met members of the District who were happy to share their vision of how to “Help bring Hope” to members of our communities.

President Fryer inspired IW Egyptian members by her dedication and enthusiasm in a well delivered speech

2009-2010 Help Bring Hope, an inspiring theme. Mrs. Fryer with Chairman Nahla Qubain/Sweiss and Latifa Zaki, Cairo IW Club past president.

District Chairman, Nahla Sweiss highlighting District 95 contributions

National Representative, Afaf Maged highlighting District 95 projects

With District Committee from left to right: Editor, Soraya Abdel Baky, Treasurer, Manal El Attar, Immediate Past Chairman, Ashnadelle Hilmy/Mortagy, 1st Vice Chairman, Zeinal El Ghazaly/Taki, Chairman, Nahla Sweiss, Anne Fryer, National Representative, Afaf Maged, Deputy National Representative, Nelly El Bahtimy/Helmy, 2nd Vice Chairman, Awatef El Nacharty, Secretary, Bahiga Askar, Extension Organizer, Samia Hatata/Omar, International Service Organizer, Nora El Zoghby

With members of the founding club of IW Egypt, the Cairo club founded in 1971

Inner Wheel cake to celebrate a great visit

With Cairo club Secretary Amira Ez El Din, ISO, Editor, Chairman & Immediate Past Chairman

Dynamic District ISO Nora El Zoghby orchestrated a flawless gala meeting in honor of President Fryer

2. Egyptian Antiquities Museum, Cairo

Mrs. Fryer visited the famous King Tut Ankh Amon collection among many other ancient Egyptian treasures during a whirlwind tour of the museum.

With District Treasurer Manal El Attar, Chairman Nahla Sweiss, Immediate Past Chairman Ashnadelle Hilmy/Mortagy and Khadiga Lotfy, member of IW Guiza club and professional guide

A guided tour was a definite highlight of the museum visit

The 19th Century Cairo Antiquities Museum

3. Abou El Reesh, Kasr El Ainy Cairo University Hospital, Zamalek Club on-going Project

Inauguration of a free Kidney transplantation unit

at the University hospital


Donation of a free Kidney transplantation unit at the University hospital. With District Committee members

With Dean of the Cairo University Medical School, Dr. Sameh Farid & District Chairman Nahla Sweiss and Zamalek Club President Samia Abou El Foutouh

With District Committee members

IIW President visiting the free ward

4. GEI: Girls Education Initiative for Girl Friendly Schools

National Council on Childhood & Motherhood (NCCM)

/ Ministry of State for Family & Population (MOFP)

President Fryer visited one the 12 Girl Friendly Schools sponsored by District 95 through a Protocol signed by the State Minister of Family & Population, H.E. Moushira Khattab and 2008-2009 Chairman, Ashnadelle Hilmy/Mortagy on December 24, 2009 for the Girls’ Education Initiative.  District 95 continues to devote its efforts to implement the UNICEF Girls’ Education Social Project according to the needs of Egyptian and Jordanian societies. This project was started at the Christchurch, New Zealand Convention in 2006 for 3 years and was extended for 3 more years at the Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia Convention in 2009.

Dr. Aziza Hilmy, Senior Advisor of Natinal Council on Childhood & Motherhood at the MSFP explaining the unique GEI educational approach to Primary Education in the GEI to Afaf Maged, NR & Ashnadelle H. Mortagy Immediate Past Chairman

The GEI classes have between 28 to 34 girls in each classroom with specially trained teachers and teacher aides.

At the El Reegha Girl Friendly school in Guiza with Bahiga Askar District Honorary Secretary, Ashnadelle H. Mortagy Immediate Past Chairman, Awatef El Nacharty 2nd Vice Chairman, Dr. Aziza Helmy, Afaf Maged NR, Khadia Lotfy IW member and touristic guide, Nelly El Bahtimy/Helmy Deputy NR

President Fryer seeing first hand how the students problem solve the population explosion in a simulated experiment. It was interesting to note that these provincial girls came up with several scenarios proposing re-zoning of areas in the Delta after studying the problems caused by over-population.

GEI school in action

5. Guiza Pyramids and Sphinx,

President Fryer at the historical Egyptian sites

President Anne Fryer at the Sphinx

A moment of rest at the foot of the great Pyramid.

Inner Wheel District 95 Committee spirit at the Pyramids

Mrs. Anne Fryer with Nelly, Ashnadelle & Khadiga, the Egyptology guide who is a Guiza Club member. The camel added authentic color to the scene.

Bahiga, Ashnadelle, Afaf, Anne, Khadiga & Nelly enjoying the beautiful sunshine at the Guiza Pyramids

6. SMSEC: Suzanne Mubarak Science Exploration Center 1977-2011

The dedication of the members of District 95 and the hard work of past Chairman (1997/1998) Seham El Gohary united the members under the Presidential Theme of I.I.W. President Dr. Elizabeth Jones "Together We Are Stronger" and made this center possible.

Inner Wheel and the Ministry of Education Protocol under the Theme "Together we Are Stronger" is a viable example of what voluntary social work and coordination between non-governmental agencies (NGOs) and governmental agencies can do for the welfare of Egypt. Members of IW District 95 continue to visit the Center after its completion. This center serves a community of 35 schools and 35.000 students from the Old Cairo "Al Malak El Saleh" public school system.

Past IIW Board Director, Seham El Gohary explaining the centeré─˘s objectives

Mrs. Fryer handing out awards to outstanding students. One of the IIW themes, Together we are Stronger has been an inspiration for the Center and its IW founders.

All activities in the center are supervised by professional staff under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and District 95 members

A young inventor explains her design

Dr. Sameh from the Ministry of Education Gives a lecture about managing the Suzanne Mubarak centers in the different Egyptian provinces.

Futuristic mural designed by young innovators at the Center.

SMSEC's IW computer mouse pad

The day care center and kindergarden are a landmark of the center

 7. Seham El Gohary, Past IIW Board Director hosted a dinner

in honor of President Fryer with District Committee members

Egyptian hospitality at El Gohary residence

Santa came on camelback to visit Anne and the District Committee

Anne, Nahla & Seham discussing the modern architecture of the residence

Chairman Nahla Qubain/Sweiss, Extension organizer Samia Omar & I.P. Chairman Ashnadelle H. Mortagy exploring Seham's ultra modern furniture

10. Philadelphia club project  Al Hussein Cancer Hospital

The Philadelphia club supports the children’s section of the Cancer Hospital in Amman in an effort to help children with cancer through donations of medical equipment, a fully equipped patient room and nursery and day care center toys, educational games and equipment.  The sustained efforts of the members are highly appreciated by the community.

Phildadelphia club President, Zina Mushahwar explains the clubs donations to Mrs. Fryer, Seham El Gohary, Nora El Zoghby, Ashnadelle Hilmy/Mortagy, Bahiga Askar, Awatef El Nacharty

This fully equipped patient room was inaugurated during Mrs. Fryeré─˘s visit.

Club President Zina Mushahwar and Immediate Past President Zein El Shawwa with Mrs. Fryer and club members in front of the room donated by the club.

Mrs. Fryer and the IW delegation during a guided tour of several newly inaugurated units in the hospital.

 Jordanian Inner Wheel welcomes Mrs. Anne Fryer to Jordan

In December 2010

8. Amman Club Project: Jarash Refugee Center

The Jarash Refugee Center donated and inaugurated by Amman Club includes an arts and crafts unit, a nursery as well as a recreational center.  This center continues to receive support from the club members for the 2nd year. Roofing and insulation was added to about 60 refugee homes in 2009-2010 in continuous efforts to help the Palestinian refugees in Jarash.


Amman club President, Abeer Dajani explaining the Recreational Centeré─˘s activities to Mrs. Fryer, Seham El Gohary, Afaf Maged, Bahiga Askar, Ashnadelle Hilmy/Mortagy and Petra club President, Tamara El Qadi

Activities at the Center are diligently supervised by energetic Amman Club members.

Mrs. Fryer, Chairman Nahla Sweiss, Petra club Past President, Susan Al Tayeh, Ashnadelle Hilmy/Nortagy & Nora El Zoghby enjoyed a refreshing walk in the rain while visiting the refugee center

A very touching visit to the refugee homes renovated with insulated roofs through the tremendous efforts of the Amman club members.

It was a delight to visit the refugee childrené─˘s nursery where Amman club President, Abeer Dajani distributed clothing, books and toys to the children in the presence of IW members.

9. Petra Club project   Operation Smile Jordan

The Petra New Generation Club has sponsored this project since it was chartered and club members continue to support this very worth center for children who suffer from cleft lips/ palates and burns by donating needed funds for the center and for the surgeries that help hundreds of children in Jordan.

Operation Smile Jordan volunteers repair childhood facial deformities while building public and private partnerships that advocate sustainable healthcare systems for children and families. Together, they create smiles, change lives, and heal humanity.

Mrs. Fryer with Petra club members, President Tamara Al Qadi, Past Presidents Susan Al Tayeh and Ghazwa Samawi/Baghdadi and District Committee members.

Attending a CPR demonstration by a student qualifying for certification.

The director of the Center explains its activities to Mrs. Fryer as Tamara Al Qadi listens.

Memorial group photo in front of the Operation Smile Jordan Headquarters.

11. HRH Princess Basma Bint Talal attends District 95

General Meeting  at Intercontinental Hotel in Amman

Farewell to President Anne Fryer on December 20, 2009

One of the last events highlight during Mrs. Fyer’s visit to Jordan was a luncheon with HRH Princess Basma Talal which was attended by about 160 Jordanian Inner Wheel members as well as District Committee members.  Chairman Nahla Sweiss and National Representative Afaf Maged gave speeches about District 95 projects in Jordan.  Both H.R.H. and Mrs. Fryer gave accolades to District 95 accomplishments.


Mrs. Fryer with HRH, Princess Basma Bint Talal, HH Princess Magda Raad with Chairman Nahla and Amman club members.

President Fryer welcomes HRH Princess Basma Bint Talal

The British, the Jordanian and the Egyptian National anthems were played before the program started.

Mrs. Fryer with Chairman Nahla Sweiss, National Representative Afaf Maged and Immediate Past Chairman Ashnadelle Hilmy/Mortagy next to District 95 banner.

HRH Princess Basma Bint Talal, Mrs. Fryer, Chairman Nahla Sweiss and National Representative Afaf Maged.

HRH Princess Basma Bint Talal and HH Princess Magda Raad, Mrs. Anne Fryer with District Committee members from left to right, ISO Nora El Zoghby, NR Afaf Maged, Chairman Nahla Sweiss, Immediate Past Chairman Ashnadelle Hilmy/Mortagy, 2nd Vice Chairman Awatef El Nacharty, Past IIW Board Director Seham El Gohary, 2nd row Treasurer Manal El Attar, Secretary Bahiga Askar and Past Chairman Ghania Al Tayeh.

HRH Princess Basma Bint Talal with Jordanian past IIW Board Member & International Representative Violet Habibi and IIW National Representative & Board Director Jacqueline Fakhoury.

Receiving line for HRH Princess Basma Bint Talal

Memorial picture with Amman Petra members, Jordan's new generation club

Mrs. Janet Day, IIW President 2006-2007
visited IW Egypt & Jordan in March 2007

Mrs. Mubarak, Egyptian First Lady receives Mrs. Day at the Presidential Palace in Cairo

H.E. Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak, the Honorary President of District 95 IW Egypt, received Mrs. Janet Day, IIW President 2006-2007 in March 2007 at the Presidential Palace. Chairman Mrs. Amal Leheta and Deputy NR, Mrs. Doreya Al Bashary attended this inspiring meeting where Inner Wheel projects in Egypt, the IIW UNICEF Social Project were discussed as well as the active role of NGOs in Egyptian society.

Mrs. Laila Abou Ela, founding President of the IW Cairo Club, the 1st IW club in Egypt, hosted a reception in honor of IIW President, Mrs. Janet Day.

Mrs. Janet Day, IIW President 2006-2007
visited SMSEC The Suzanne Mubarak Science Exploration Center

Mrs. Janet Day visiting SMSEC, the Suzanne Mubarak Science Exploration Center donated by Inner Wheel clubs in District 95.

Chairman, Mrs. Amal Leheta receiving IIW President, Mrs. Janet Day.

Mrs. Janet Day visited children in the creativity center.

Mrs. Janet Day with children in the science center.

Mrs. Janet Day with members of the District Committee and clubs who volunteer at the SMSEC

Mrs. Janet Day, 2006-2007 IIW President
visited District 95 Joint Project, the Cairo Children’s Cancer Hospital “57357”

Through the efforts, enthusiasm and dedication of several Chairpersons, District Committee members, club presidents and members, Inner Wheel Egypt & Jordan joined hands and adopted this national project to help make a dream come true, the dream of a better tomorrow for our children. For the last few years our members worked hard to plan a concentrated and active drive to sponsor this hospital and its worthy cause: proper treatment for children with cancer. The culmination of our drive was our gift to the children of Egypt and the Middle East in the form of our contribution of L.E. 1,152,000, one million one hundred and fifty-two thousand Egyptian Pounds.

Mrs. Janet Day and the NR, Mrs. Hala Al Akkad, the chairman, members of the District Committee and IW Hospital Committee were received by Mrs. Ola Ghabour, the Director of the Hospital Foundation and the Director of the Hospital.

Mrs. Ghabour explained in depth the hospitalé─˘s state of the art treatment and how the campaigns of this NGO helped in the creation of this ulra-modern beacon of hope for Middle Eastern children who suffer from cancer.

The visiting group was impressed with the endeavors of the generous community in building the most up-to-date é─˙freeé─¨ childrené─˘s hospital é─˙57357é─¨ in the world.

The District 95 committee received the IIW president enthusiastically and with famous Middle Eastern hospitality.

The District Committee presented Mrs. Day with souvenirs in the name of the District members.

The District Chairman, Mrs. Amal Leheta, The National Representative, Mrs. Hala Al Akkad, the District International Organizer, Mrs. Dina Kammouny and the District Editor received the IIW President with a bouquet of flowers.

Mrs. Janet Day, 2006-2007 IIW President visited Upper Egypt and explored the ancient sites

in March 2007

Mr & Mrs. Day sightseeing in Upper Egypt. The Valley of the Kings was fascinated and intriguing.

A special tour in the company of Nelly El Bahtimy/Helmy & Ashnadelle H./Mortagy who got to know Mrs. Day during the New Zealand IIW Convention.

in the shadow of the Colossi of Memnon. he statues are made from carved blocks of quartzite quarried either at Giza or Gebel es-Silsila. The Northern statue depicts Amenhotep III with his mother, Mutemwia, while the southern statue is of Amenhotep III with his wife, Tiy and one of his daughters. On the sides of the statues are reliefs depicting Nile gods joining together plants symbolizing Upper and Lower Egypt.

A cruise down the NIle preceded Mrs. Day's Cairo visit. Nelly, Seham and Ashnadelle renewed a friendship started in Christchurch, New Zealand

Sightseeing started at 7:00 AM before the temperatures started to rise.

Mrs. Janet Day, Past 2006-2007 IIW President,
visited IW Jordan in March 2007

H.R.H. Princess Basma Bint Talal of Jordan, the Honorary President of IW Jordan met Mrs. Janet Day.  The general meeting was also attended by NR Mrs. Hala El Akkad and Chairman Mrs. Amal Leheta as well as Past NR, Mrs. Seham El Gohary. Mrs. Day visited several of the projects sponsored by the Jordanian clubs.

H.R.H. Princess Basma Bint Talal of Jordan greeting IW District 95 Chairman, Mrs. Amal Leheta

H.R.H. Princess Basma Bint Talal of Jordan with District Chairman & NR and some members of the Jordanian & Egyptian IW clubs

Mrs. Janet Day wearing a typical Jordanian Galabeya at Kaan Zaman in Amman. NR, Mrs. Hala El Akkad & Chairman, Mrs. Amal Leheta & members of IW Jordan & Egypt enjoyed a typical Jordanian meal and a colorful folkloric show.

Mrs. Janet Day and District Committee and club members visiting a project sponsored by IW Jordanian.

Mrs. Carole Buchanan, IIW President 2001-2002

Visited Egypt in January 2002

Mrs. Carole Buchanan, I.I.W. President 2001-2002 visited Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan in January 2002. She was accompanied during her visit by National Representative Mrs. Ashnadelle Hilmy/Mortagy and District Chairman Mrs. Ghaneya Al Tayeh.

The presidential theme ENTHUSIASM CREATES ACTION inspired and united District club members in surpassing themselves in their social voluntary work. Mrs. Buchanan conveyed the following message to our members:
" I congratulate every member for the enthusiasm you have shown in everything you do for Inner Wheel in District 95 and beyond. I the inspiring projects of your District Meetings with great interest and as a result I know that ENTHUSIASM does CREATE ACTION! "

Mrs. Buchanan with Mrs. Ashnadelle Hilmy/Mortagy & Mrs. Ghania Al Tayeh,

Mrs. Buchanan during visit to the childrené─˘s renal failure unit donated by Inner Wheel clubs

Mrs. Buchanan during her visit to the famous Alexandria Library followed by a visit to IW projects.

Mrs. Buchanan during her visit to SMSEC, the Suzanne Mubarak Science Exploration Center donated by Inner Wheel clubs.

Continuity is the key of success at the SMSEC. IW members contribute their time and effort to the center and supervise its needs on a continuous basis.

Mrs. Buchanan visiting the Cairo South Motherhood & Childhood Clinic in Maadi a suburb of Cairo.

Mrs. Buchanan visited the Pyramids before her departure. She was accompanied by IW friends Nelly Bahtimy/Helmy, Ashnadelle Hilmy/Mortagy and Samia Abol Foutouh

Mrs. Buchanan enjoyed Dr. Zahi Hawas' presentation about Egyptian antiquities in the company of NR Ashnandelle H. Mortagy, Nelly El Bahtimy and Samia Abol Foutouh

IIW Magazine featured Mrs. Buchanan's visit to Egypt: "Enthusiasm Creates Action"

Mrs. Solveig Svensson, IIW President 2003-2004
visited Egypt and Jordan in July 2003

Mrs. Solveig Svensson, IIW President 2003-2004 visited Egypt and Jordan in July 2003. She was accompanied during her visit by National Representative Mrs. Nani Saleh and District Chairman, Mrs. Nelly Bahtimy/Helmy.

The presidential theme CARE FOR THE FUTURE was once again an inspiration to District club members in working hand in hand in their social voluntary work. Mrs. Svensson congratulated members of the Inner Wheel in Egypt & Jordan for their dedication and devotion to their worthy causes dealing with the welfare of the needy in their District.

Mrs. Svensson with Mrs. Nani Saleh & Mrs. Bahtimy/Helmy and members of the District Committee

Mrs. Svensson visited the Maadi library which was started through the efforts of the Maadi IW Cairo South club.

Mrs. Svensson was accompanied by Mrs. Bahtimy/Helmy, Mrs. Hilmy/Mortagy, Mrs. Venus Boustany & Mrs. Amal Namek.

Mrs. Svensson visited the Pyramids and the Sun boats in the company of world renowned Egyptologist, Dr. Zahi Hawwas, Mrs. Bahtimy/Helmy and Mrs. Hilmy/Mortagy

Mrs. Svensson visited the eternal Sphinx and the Great Pyramid early in the morning to enjoy the beauty of the historical sites before tourists start their tours.